AdBlue® packages

Pumping pipe
for use with universal motor
  Hose set
PVC helical hose 3/4" with stainless steel insert, available in 4 meters, 8 meters and 12smeters length
  Stainless steel nozzle holder
Nozzle holder for the attachment to IBC containers incl. drip tray
Flow meter-set
Measuring range 10-40 L/minute, 3/4" connection thread, stainless steel bracket for attachment to IBC containers, including drip tray and holder for nozzle
without automatic shut-off, 3/4" connection thread with outlet nozzle (diameter) 19 mm
without automatic shut-off, 3/4" connection muff with outlet nozzle (diameter) 19 mm
Automatic nozzle
automatic shut-off, stainless steel, 3/4" connection thread
  Automatic nozzle
automatic shut-off, magnetic release, 3/4" connection thread
  Spout for disposable canister
Length 7 cm, available in connection diameter 45 mm, suitable for 10 liter canisters
Spout for disposable canister
Length 40cm, available in the connection diameters 45 and 51 mm, suitable for 10 and 15 liter canisters
  Hand pump
comprising hand pump, telescope pipe, 3 meter hose, 1" stainless steel outlet pipe
  KRUSE garage cart
mobile frame for 200 liter barrel Extraction equioment available as option
FLACO TCI Urea Tank Systems
The complete ready – to – use tank system in a special container suitable for outdoor container.
Standard version
  • Price calculator,calibratable,European calibration approval,with a choice of ER3 interface or double pulse output for connection to TDE systems
  • Litre display,not calibratable,with double pulse output
  • Stable basic structure,sandwitch wall insulation 30mm
  • Nozzel and filing attachment either on the right,left or narrow end
  • Pump FLACO Jet 40,Pumping capacity approx. 25L/min
  • Leak display for tank space
  • Overflow protection according to German Water Resources Law
  • Tank filing display
  • Tank ventilation to the outside
  • 2” filing connection with dry coupling
  • Hose retraction system
  • Pump nozzle pocket with pump nozzle contact
  • FLACO automatic with pump nozzle
Base frame with adjustable machine feet,adjustment range:100mm
TCI 3100 3100 3080 1050 2050 320
TCI 4000 4000 3335 1200 2320 450
TCI 5000-2 5000 4490 1200 2350 550
TCI 7500 7500 4425 1600 2560 650
TCI 10000-3 10000 5650 1600 2560 900
BlueMaster® Tank Systems
The basic models of the BlueMaster® tank in tank systems with equipment cupboard for the acqueous urea solution AdBlue® do have the following standard basic equipment
  • Titan TMS – titanium tank management system with filing level measurement.Flow meter with liter gage (incl. overall display),4-20 mA outlet for telemetrics connection, interface for connection to external tank data recording (pulse outlet 100pulses/liter,open collector,max. 12 V DC),overflow protection approved in line with German Water Resources Law and leak probe
  • 2” filing line with TODO 2” dry coupling
  • 1” suction line with fine filter and non return valve
  • Pump package (not calibratable), incl. flow meter with pulse generator (100 single pulse/liter),4m outlet hose with automatic nozzle,nozzle holder with nozzle switch
  • Heater 250W for inner tank
  • Heater 950W for BlueMaster equipment cupboard, incl.settable thermostat,setting range from +5° C to -4° C, factory setting 0degree C
  • Fan for tank cooling
  • DIBT approval Z-40.21-385
Hose winder with 6m outlet hose for BMV 5000 and BMV 9000, maximum extendable hose length 8 m
Hose winder with 6 m outlet hose for BMV 2500 and BMV 3500,not extandable
ELAFLEX pump nozzle (additional charge to standard pump nozzle)

Tank data recording system cannot be calibrated for up to 120 users, including magnetic key for code recognition for 10 users (pack of further 10 keys available for (=79) and readout software with readout key and PC interface

Additional charge for calibrated version with price calculator, pulse outlet or ER3 protocol (only for BMV 5000 and BMV 9000)
  • Stainless steel profile door, self closing with window section
  • 500 watt heater, with thermostat and freeze monitor
  • Nozzel panel for storing the nozzle with integrated nozzle switch
  • Price calculator with LCD display for liters, unit price and total price, counter, interface
  • Heater 250W for inner tank
  • Hose drum with 5 m outlet hose (useful length 4 m, can be extended to 8 m), automatic pump nozzle and illuminated viewing glass
  • Pump for acqueous urea solution 230V , 50Hz, 0.75 kW, with running time limit (set to 6 minutes). pumping capacity approx. 30L/min., dry running protection
  • DIBT approval Z-40.21-385
  • MID approval no. DE-07-MI005-PTB022 (instead off pump package, not calibratable)
pulse convertor (double- pulse generator), not caliberate
BMV 9000 9000 3250 2450 2950
BMV 5000 5000 2850 2230 2340
BMV 3500 3500 2850 2200 1960
Drip Pan
TIdeal for use with 1000 liter tanks for smaller containers
  • High resistance: maximum load 2t
  • Absolute corrosion protection
  • Guaranteed leak test – no connection adapters
  • Intigrated forklift pockets for safe transport
  • 5 years warranty
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 2000 FM 57348 standard
KRUSE Feeder System

  • Save time for complete emptying of the containers
  • Reduces downtime for complex container changeover
  • Substitute for the use of small containers
  • Combination of two IBC (1250 liter /shuttle IBC 1000 liter)
  • 2 containers are stacked in a structure made of galvanized steel profiles
  • The lower IBC can be filled by the IBC on top
  • Connected via camlock connection at the outlet fitting on the upper container
  • Connection hose feeds into a separate connection next to the conventional filling opening
  • Can be combined with special extraction equipment (electric/pneumatic)

1310 1110 1782 2865
Blue TruckMaster®
The Blue Truck Master® is a mobile tank unit for the use of AdBlue®. It is ideal for filling tanks on building sites, at airport, for agricultural and forestry vehicles or military vehicles.

The Blue Truck Master® products meet all the requirements made on mobile filing station in the terms of ADR regulations. The Blue Truck Master® is made of high-grade polyethylene. The inside of the tank is fitted with non-pigmented PE to prevent soiling of AdBlue®.

BTM 430 ADR certificate no.413/0/575
BTM 900 ADR certificate no.448/0/1237

Standard version
  • Four meter nozzle hose
  • Automatic pump nozzle
  • Cover with lock
  • Filling level display
  • 2” filling line with tanker coupling
  • 2” ventilation valve
BTM 430 430 1180(cover) /980(bottom) 860 860
BTM 900 900 1410(cover)/1000 (bottom) 1050 1200